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  Marine Dive - Bombing Squadron 243  

  Pilots and Ground Officers - Group Photo  
  Emirau Island - South Pacific  

  September - October 1944  

Back Row, Left to Right: Richard H. Lewis, Donald E. Johnson, Edward H. Carman, James L. McCullough, William R. Knowles, Robert M. Acker, Miles Brown-Murfreesboro, TN. (Material), Jack W. Kahler (Instruments), Ralph Martin-Atlanta, GA. (Engineering), Stanley J. Roy-Cleveland, OH. (Adjutant), Milton W. Dennison-Harrisburg, PA. (Ordnance), James T. Pierce-Weymouth, MASS. (Asst. Engineer), David E. Bridges (Engineer Section), Rowley (Operations), Harold A. Clemetsen.

Third Row, Left to Right: Donald L. Hooper, Anthony A. Yukna, Herbert N. Ahrens, Badgely A. Elmes, Ernest P. Cole (Intelligence), Robert L. Waters, Phillip B. Anderson, Commander Joseph W. Kean, Executive Raymond F. Kennedy, Robert M. Heublein, Charles E. Allen, James E. Renshaw, Marvin B. McElhiney, William Carlisle.

Second Row, Left to Right: Howard B. Corbett, Roy M. Brennan, William F. Moore, Edward W. Jensen, Leo R. Currie, Warren C. Child, Conway M. Andersen, Augustus Duryea, Harold C. Grogan, Eugene Hafeman, Roy J. Comstock, Barney E. Hill.

Front Row, Left to Right: John Hockman, John F.Lent, Robert J. Carrol, Joseph Baker, James R. Brown, Mario M. Finnochio, William G. Albert, Lawrence H. Brandon, Richard F. Gross, Robert J. Blewett, Edward F. Conlin.

Absent Day of Photo: Vance A. Lahey, Jack R. McKinney, Dr. Larue Wiley, MD

VMSB-243 Squadron Photo.jpeg

Gunners of Marine Dive Bombing Squadron 243 Now on duty in the South Pacific


*indicates unconfirmed KIA/MIA 

**indicates name is not recognized when cross referencing VMSB-243’s war diary  (Nov 1943)

Hdqtrs No 75?344    WATCH YOUR CREDIT LINE DIST  ? 2-4 MCA?? OFFICIAL U.S. MARINE CORPS PHOT 3-2144 By Tech Sgt. Gordon G Greitzer 

They are front row left to right: 

Staff Sergeant Glen[n] D. Bruce, of Kansas City Mo. 

Staff Sergeant Sylvester Garalski, of Detroit Mich. 

Sergeant Floyd C Miller of Chariton Iowa 

Staff Sergeant Ruben A. Barba, Los Angeles, Cal.   

Sergeant Ronald F Asheton, Washington D.C. 

*Sergeant Lewis B Hogg Los Angeles Cal. 

*Sergeant Armando L. Caprio, Providence R.I. 

Sergeant Bernard F Boehner Portland Ore.   

*Technical Sergeant Eldon V Boswell ???? Utah,  

Corporal James N. Eubanks Hammond Ind. 

Corporal James E Cantrell Nashville, Tenn.,   

*Corporal Albert L Spring Dallas Texas,  

Corporal Richard L Harding ????? Kans.,  

*Corporal Carl D Munn Silver Creek ??????  

Staff Sergeant Wilbur E Freezee ???? N.J.,   

Corporal Steve Babas Cleveland Ohio,   

Corporal ????? ? ????? ?????? ???,   

Private First Class Edward D Williams Jr. Chicago Ill.,   

Private First Class Irwin J. Dewaters ???? ????,  

Private First Class John F. ???? ???? ????, (not listed in war Diary)

Rear row left to right: 

Sergeant ??? ? ??? ??? ??? 

Sergeant Robert M Parker Roswell, N.M. 

Sergeant Fred A Arab ????, Conn 

*Sergeant Virgil C. Fransen North Platte, Neb 

Private First Class ??? ? ??? Charlotte, NC 

Private First Class Samuel Robby Brooklyn NY 

Sergeant Jack ? ??? ??? ??? 

Corporal Thomas G. Shudy PA 

Corporal Robert Lange Milwaukee, Wis 

Corporal Raymond R. Edwards Houston, Texas 

Sergeant Kenneth C. Bourke Indianapolis, Ind 

Sergeant Robert J Mack Chicago, Ill 

*Sergeant Richard C Gould Los Angeles, CA 

Private First Class Edward G ???? Brooklyn, NY 

Corporal Anthony W. Dougherty Upper Darby, PA 

*Corporal Charles A Russell Murphysboro, Ill

Sergeant Joseph M Levandoski Hobart, Ill 

*Staff Sargeant Robert J Malek Chicago, Ill 

Sergeant Lawrence L Swanson Rockford Ill 

Sergeant Radcliffe Chicago, Ill 


VMSB-243 Tail Gunners


Back Row, Left to Right: Harold A. “Clem” Clemetsen, Major Joseph W. “Major” Kean (C.O.), William P. “Big Bill” Knowles.

Front Row, Left to Right: Warren C. “The Kid” Child, Howard B. “Hollywood” Corbett, Leo R. “Rodger” Currie.


Back Row, Left to Right: William H. Casey ( Ponca City, OK), Stephen F. Gibbons ( Kalamazoo, MI.), ? Rightmeyer,
? Perrin ( North Carolina)

Front Row, Left to Right: Arthur B. Crutcher, ? Morgan, Marvin Porter, Daniel Williams ( W.Va.)

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